After High School

Dead or Alive?

Once you graduate high school, does that mean you’re dead? Maybe to some of your bullies it does, or might as well be the case. But it doesn’t give you a reason to sit and play guitar, or browse the web for 4 hours after your work has relieved you of your duties! Keep moving. Or get a job where you keep moving. Make an effort to take a brisk 15 minute walk 4 or 5 days a week. Eat all you want… but remember this. Activity is what makes you healthy, the amount you eat is what makes you thin.When you want to lose weight, come back to this blog. I’ll hook you up like family at an Italian food restaurant.

If this man wasn’t healthy he wouldn’t be able to do this..

Juggle to slim

For months, my big weekly exercise was juggling. I lost about 50 pounds without picking up a dumbbell or doing a single cardio workout. I actually got better results for juggling for 2.5 hours than doing long distance running. So when you’re ready.. find something you can do for hours that is fun for you. Then focus on weight loss. It will follow.

This entry is short and sweet.. (mmm.. sweets) But it is important.


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