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Sugar Addicts Rehab “Read Me”.

Sweets can be addicting. Someone once told me, when you have a craving, your body is lacking a vitamin or mineral inside that item. When you have these sweet treats, your body will be missing vitamins or minerals inside these tastes nightly! You can always make room for these ten items with a little diet planning. All these are about 1/2 or less than half of the twix candy bars.

  1. Skinny Cow Best of both swirleds ice cream sandwiches.
  2. Vanilla latte from Starbucks.. no changes.. just like god intended..
  3. Learn to love fruits.
  4. Use honey to sweeten tea.
  5. Anything that says 100 calories.
  6. 2 or 3 cookies, not a bag.
  7. Special K bars.
  8. Pop ices. 2 boxes last me a year.
  9. Yogurt. My preference is yo-plait’s thick and creamy.
  10. 1 cup of cereal with milk. (pretty much any cereal is acceptable, they are so close to the same number of calories.)


Now you can eat all this stuff. But if your tracking your calories, just do a google search on “calories in a banana”. Something close enough to be called “accurate” will pop up. But as stated in last week’s post. Losing weight is like a science experiment. You need a control. This is another control.


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