Meat Portion Security and Tool

You need a bodyguard watching out for your waistline.. and maybe an occasional open-handed slap to get food out of your mouth, telling you enough is enough. Or at least my food addicted brain and belly did.

This post will help you eat at restaurants and with your cooking budget.

When I see 12 ounces of juicy steak goodness on a menu and a gorgeous girl serving it to me.. I feel like a king! So that brings a question into view… How much is an ounce? Better yet.. How big are 12 of them for that medium rare steak perfection!? (My mouth is watering. Truly. Every time I proof read this segment.) Well, since I went to culinary school, I can tell you! Look at your flat palm.. imagine invisible fingers and dispose of your thumb for this lesson.. that’s roughly three ounces. It’s that easy! Even if it wasn’t exactly 3 ounces.. losing weight is like an experiment. You need a control, a question and data to input. Your palm is your control for meat sizing. Each meat portion you eat, should be just the size of your palm.. no bigger than double the palm (depending on the rest of the meal). I stick to plants and 1 oz of cheese. If I have a salad I have 2 oz of dressing. This is enough to fill the tank to get to the next station of the highway of life. So don’t forget to eat a rainbow of natural colors. Willy Wonka and Bozo the Clown are so proud… Where ever they may be.


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