Are you gonna eat that horse burger?

Link breakdown: Horse meat found in Burger King burgers. Don’t worry U.S. it’s only in the UK and Ireland. Even though there was only a little bit of horse meat, this is still not my cup of tea.

Don’t you miss the day where food was food? I wonder if anything like this goes on the United States? The answer is yes.. It does.

Link Breakdown: Duck Feathers, human hair, sand, wood, silly putty plastic, Petroleum derived preservatives, soil fertilizers, beetle blood, and meat paste are considered “generally recognized as safe”.

“Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers.” Alfred Lord Tennyson (poet)

So if it could lead you to become overweight and have wood, sand, or human hair in the food.. why not boycott? (or at least drastically cut down.) I haven’t been to a fast food joint in over a year besides Chipotle. I trust Chipotle’s food enough. I’m sure other causal dining restaurants like chili’s and applebee’s do the same thing though. I think, as an American team, we should and could break down the barriers between “backroom restaurant/business as usual” and consumers. There are a lot of trade secrets to making your food taste “OH SO GOOD!”. Soil fertilizer is one of them. We should know all of the weird items in our food.

I don’t believe in the “scare them straight” method of political standpoints and manipulation techniques. This is just information. I think if it’s worth it to any number of Americans it should be considered for acceptance, At least when it comes to food and using things most americans don’t eat on a day to day basis. But only to those Americans who are educated in their food choices and don’t mind the hair being used. Not to mention, the businesses should be forced to let up know that we’re eating things like silly putty plastic. What do you do when your child ate or eats Silly Putty?

You want to respect your new lifestyle? Not eating wood and “meat paste” is a good start to respecting your body.


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