Starting the journey.


Every person has a weakness or two. Wine anyone? (read the whole post how bad wine is for you.) Finding your weakness can be a crucial step toward those complimentary skinny jeans or yoga pants. Guys love yoga pants.

Too Good to be Good

What do you love to eat? More importantly, what are your guilty pleasures? Maybe you have 15 bad goodies you eat each week. Take 3 minutes and jot down as many guilty pleasures as you can. Just three minutes, though. A hard three minutes, I must admit. But a much needed writing session for some. (I’ll wait, do it now. Or right after The Biggest Loser if you can’t record it.) Share the horrible edible eatables in the comments below if you are comfortable with that. Show people that they are human for having temptations. Is your weakness Cool Whip… Covered in chocolate syrup… At 3 AM… Straight out of the tub. .. Using your bare hands as spoons.. Because you wish they made bigger utensils? This might not be as abnormal as you think. Knowing that other people have the same temptations as we do, and are willing to share their kryptonite, will give much needed support to people you don’t even know. What is more rewarding than contributing to greatness?

Trim Needed to Slim

It’s not about what you have to give up. It’s about what your willing to give up. So look at your list, cut one item out one week you can live without.. Another item the next week.  The week after, trim yet another item. Replace these with low calorie substitutions if you want. [Quaker Caramel Rice Cakes are great me, only 100 calories for 2 discs!  Downing those with some ice cold milk is like sweet, sweet heaven! This satisfies all of my 28 sweet teeth] (Wisdom teeth removed). Cut down each week until you are ready to start this weight loss thing in full swing! If you’re lucky, this might just be the only weight management method you’ll need (look at the Paleo diet methods). Studies show small changes can be more effective because they can lead to big changes over the course of an extended period of time.

Note: Fat does not make you gain weight. It is just said to give your heart a workout, a workout with no rest. I have actually heard new claims the fat you eat isn’t even directly linked to the cholesterol in your body. Something to ask your doctor about. Sugar and carbohydrates contribute to weight gain. I eat bacon all the time. Actually during this 100 Pound Change writing session, I have a 6 inches left over from my subway footlong, a BLT (on flatbread and a hoarders’ house full of veggies), in the fridge from dinner. The person behind the counter asked me to come around the back and close it for her. <<(She had jokes.)


The weekly timeline is vague, since you are in control of your own destiny. Cut out what you want, when you want. Reminder: Starting small could be the confidence builder you need for cranking out greater things. I’m not just talking about weight loss here. I’m talking LIFE!

My Items were:

  1. Pizza
  2. Diet soda
  3. Chicken wings
  4. French fries
  5. Candy bars
  6. Chicken pot pies (HUGE CALORIES but so good!)
  7. All I could eat spaghetti.. I had this 2-3 times a week.
  8. General Tso’s Chicken
  9. Cake

Baby Steps

You don’t need a list full of 15 items. Just a list of 2 item, at least. You’ll have 2 weeks to add the next ex-food item. As stated in the Free Fall to Freedom post, once you have a little motivation and persistence until victory. You will meet your goal weight face to face weeks, months, or a year from now. If you are consistent, it shouldn’t take longer than 1 year. Take it one or two pounds a week at a time. It’s totally doable! This is your motivation. Your motivation is taking baby steps. [I hope you read this whole post. Because I am going to blow your mind. Some wines have about the same amount of calories as my array of nightly treats. 120 calories. Good news is.. less calories=less wine needed for that loving feeling=even lesser calories. Win-Win-Win.]


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