A Free Fall to Freedom

Teasing Scales

On 12-2-11 the scale decided to insult my weight, teasing and taunting my 290.0 pound body as I stood on the mass estimator. How rude of me to stand on anything when I was so close to 300 pounds.

Pitfalls of Heft

The journey had to begin 12-2-11. My weight was causing problems I didn’t know it could cause. Standing all day with an extra 100 pounds. All that weight wrapped around every section of my body. It didn’t even have to be there. I was working at a casual dining restaurant with aching feet.  Which caused bad Plantar fasciitis.  My feet would throb nightly. Every once in a while if my foot would stretch in a weird place. I would have shooting pain in the center of my foot and be forced to quickly get all the weight off of it. Chest pains showed themselves in random intervals. When I was walking upstairs to my bedroom, my heart would race so much it took me a while to relax enough to fall asleep. My knees hated me, ankles too, not to mention my hips. In short everything had it’s own jail cell.

This photo was taken, at my first and only film premier, just before I started my free fall to freedom.

My Free Fall

My days off from the restaurant were spent seated in my room creatively editing videos and creating introductions to things that didn’t exist… And never would. This was my attempt to fill a void. My missing link to freedom. If you are a man of average height and your scale teases you with 300+ pounds, cut the rope around your neck. You can’t move freely with this noose. I cut the rope I was dangling from on 12-2-11. I will give you the knife to cut your rope. Then it’s up to you to actually cut it! When do you get your life back? When do you take a free fall to freedom?


All these scary thoughts popped into my head, at the beginning of the journey..

  • Do I already have diabetes? My Dad has it. I’m 50 pounds heavier than him.
  • What if I fail? It’s not like I’ve succeeded with everything I ever attempted.
  • How hard will this weight loss thing be? You hear all these horror stories of yo-yo dieters and how that can be more unhealthy than just keeping a steady stubby weight.

The start:

I have read how horrible soda is for humans. I was drinking diet soda all the time. When I cut that out I lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks, that was the only noticeable change. Reason: Diet soda is sweet, so your stomach expands to make room for the thick liquid to fit it in your stomach. The problem is, your stomach doesn’t receive thick liquid from diet soda, because the sugar is fake. Causing you to eat more calories to fill the area your stomach just created. Which in turn makes your waistline stretch. Sarcasm>> Thanks diet soda! I am all smiles because you are so good to me!<<end sarcasm. It’s actually better to have regular soda (or half soda/ half water in the same cup.) keeping track of the calories rather than a lot of diet soda repeated through the day. I thought to myself.. “This is almost too easy!” I can cut out soda for the rest of my life, although everything in moderation is fine (last week I had 2 servings of soda, tracking the calories and lost 5 pounds). After soda, I cut out french fries. I lost an additional 2 pounds the week following the fry cutoff. Once you get a little momentum and ability to persist until victory.. YOU ARE UNTOUCHABLE!

Productivity Questions

  1. What is the best diet to follow?
  2. Should I see a doctor about this possible diabetic elephant in the room?
  3. How often should I cheat on my diet?
  4. How many calories should I enjoy daily?

My Answers

  1. My Dad bought a “weight watchers” account at this point in the process.. I gave that a try. It was too expensive. But, I probably would have gained the weight back if it didn’t help me understand weight management clearly.
  2. I didn’t know what a diabetes diagnosis would do to my ego.. I decided to hold off until I lost more weight. Hell, I was already on the right track (with or without diabetes).
  3. Your taste buds adjust to what your eating. If you hate oatmeal.. but your diet/weight says you need it. Keep at it for a little longer, maybe your buds will grow to like it! I plan on adding delicious low calorie recipes later. So cheating comes after some success.
  4. Forth answer will have it’s own post.


  • Being overweight is not like being a death row inmate. It is a trial, with you as the jury and judge. You are the jury that decides if you are guilty to be sentenced to jail for life, or get let off with a slap on the wrist.
  • Weight watchers is invaluable when it comes to understanding weight management.
  • My journey began 12-21-11
  • Once you get a little momentum and ability to persist until victory.. YOU ARE UNTOUCHABLE!

Come back next week (Monday 8 est) for more 100 Pound Change information. Who knows when something might click.


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